This is a LASER Speed Enforcement Operator's Course (also known as LIDAR).  It is a one-day course involving both classroom and hands-on practical exercises outside.  The course is geared for the Laser Technology Inc (LTI) 20-20 products such as the UltraLyte, TruSpeed®, TruSpeed® S, and TruSpeed® SX series of laser units and follows the New Jersey case law regulating Laser Speed Enforcement.  Each student will receive a workbook in the class.
Upon completion of the 80 hours of unsupervised operation of your lidar device and submission of documentation, the operator's cards from LTI will be issued.
The prerequisite for this course is that you be a certified RADAR operator.  Please bring your LASER/LIDAR device with you to the class for use in the practical exercises.  These classes are sponsored by Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) and are offered free of charge.
For more information, contact Rich Maxwell at
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Location:          Saddle River  (Bergen County)                       Clinton Twp (Hunterdon County)                             Cape May County
Date:                 Date to be set                                                    February 22, 2024                                                      Date to be set                                                  

Time:                 Start 9:00 am                                                     9:00 am                                                                       9:00 am                                                            

Cost:                 No Fee                                                                No Fee                                                                         No Fee                                                                 
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Rutgers - Practical Traffic Engineering for Police Officers (In-Person)

Police LASER / LIDAR Speed Enforcement Operator’s Classes  (In-person)

The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Resource Center in the Rutgers Bloustein School of Public Planning has information for training School Crossing Guards.   For more information on the New Jersey Crossing Guard Program, go to

National TIM Awareness Materials

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Kean University’s Statewide Comprehensive Traffic Safety Program is presenting this workshop, which is offered free to Law Enforcement Crash Investigators, with funding and support from the New Jersey Division of Traffic Safety.

This Math Review Workshop for Crash Investigators is a two-day interactive in-person workshop dealing with the mathematical equations used by Crash Investigators.  As a crash investigator, you are responsible for analyzing and reconstructing vehicular accidents to determine their causes and contributing factors.  Mathematics is an essential tool for this work, as it enables you to calculate speeds, distances, and trajectories, among other things.

This workshop will provide you with a comprehensive review of the mathematical concepts, equations, and techniques you have already learned and need to investigate motor vehicle crashes effectively.  Topics covered will include geometry, trigonometry, physics, and calculus exploring their applications to crash analysis.  Whether you are a seasoned investigator or new to the field, this workshop will review the tools and knowledge you need to be confident in your work.  By the end of this workshop, you should have a deeper understanding of the mathematical principles that underlie crash investigation and be able to apply them confidently in your work.

If you or an officer you know will be attending a Crash Reconstruction Class in the near future, this workshop will boost your math skills in preparing you for that math-intensive course. 

Math Review Workshop for Crash Investigators

Check back here in January for the 2024 schedule


Est. 1974

Rutgers CAIT 

The dates for the Spring  2024 class have not been set yet.

Cost - $881

This is an in-person class

​Location:  Rutgers Lifelong Learning Center                                 Dates:  

                  3 Rutgers Plaza                                                                                                             

                  1St Floor Classroom                                                                                                     

                  New Brunswick, NJ                                                                                                       

Times - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (no lunch break)                                                                               

Registration is now open, click here for more information 

​The course consists of six classes which are held one day a week (Thursday) for six weeks, there will not be a break for lunch.

Rutgers' Center for Government Services is pleased to offer this 25-hour in-person course which provides training in the following areas:
* Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices; * Statutory requirements; * Speed limits; * Traffic signals; * Traffic surveys; * Site plan reviews; * Traffic management systems; and * Pre-construction meetings.

There are times when the traffic officer must work closely with government officials. This course will familiarize the traffic officer with traffic regulations, mandates, traffic control criteria, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Lessons for this course focus on how traffic officers manage their responsibilities. Students learn how to use the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUCTD); perform traffic surveys for traffic signals, and stop & yield signs; post all types of signage; place adult school crossing guards; enhance bicycle safety; establish speed limits; delineate roadway parameters; write traffic ordinances and resolutions; develop written and verbal ​presentations for government officials and planning boards.

Police Traffic RADAR Instructor Refresher Training

** New Procedures Starting in 2024 **

Police Traffic RADAR Instructor Classes (in-person)

NJ School Crossing Guard Train the Trainer

​​New Jersey Police Traffic Officers Association

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Listed below are the titles of the current courses offered by Rutgers CAIT which are related to Police Traffic Safety.
Click the link above to go to the Rutgers CAIT Training website and search for the appropriate course

NJDHTS Crash Analysis Tool - Demonstration
Traffic Incident Management Training for Emergency Responders

Work Zone Safety Awareness for Local Police
NJDHTS - Police Work Zone Safety Train-The-Trainer
NJDHTS – NJTR-1 Crash Form Refresher
UAS Applications for Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Related Training

The NJ Division of Criminal Justice has changed the Radar Instructor Refresher process.

Radar Instructor Refresher Classes will no longer be offered by DCJ. 

The Refresher classes will now be offered by various County Police Academies.

You will need to contact a County Police Academy to see if they are offering a class and for registration.

This refresher course is required for radar instructors once every three years.

A radar instructor/operator certificate is issued for three years.

In the third year, prior to expiration, each instructor must attend the refresher course.

DCJ will no longer send notifications to Radar Instructors that they are due for recertification.

It is the responsibility of the individual Instructor to renew and maintain their certification prior to expiration.

This three (3) day New Jersey Police Training Commission certified course is designed for police officers wishing to become Police Traffic RADAR instructors.  

The course will include basic principles of radar speed measurement, speed offenses, and enforcement, operation of specific radar devices, managing instruction,

and record keeping.
Radar Operator Certification
Two (2) years of Radar Operator experience
Methods of Instruction

To register for this class, click the link on the appropriate line.

2024 Basic, Advanced, and Specialty Crash Investigation Training
The NJDHTS-sponsored crash investigation training classes for 2024 are in the process of being scheduled. 

Once the schedule is set, it will be posted on the NJDHTS website at

Kean University offers these courses through a grant from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety and are free of charge to NJ Police Officers.